Acad. Petre Mihai Bănărescu, Ph.D. doc.

h3(grey). 15 septembrie 1921 – 12 mai 2009

On the 12th of May 2009, the Romanian science lost a dear and valuable colleague, the Academician Dr. Docent Petre-Mihai Banarescu.

He, further on, worked within the Fauna Team of the Romanian Academy. Since 1972 he became the head of the Animal Taxonomy Laboratory of the Biology Institute of the Romanian Academy. He dedicated himself to the field of zoology, demonstrating his passion for ichtyology. He studied the systematic of fresh water fish, the fish zoogeography, the systematic review of Cyprinidae and Cobitidae families and the general zoogeography publishing the Principles and issues of zoogeography; treaty of Biogeography, Zoogeography of Fresh Waters, 3 vol.

The Romanian and foreign specialists acknowledged him as the highest scientific authority in Euro-Asian cyprinides, in Cobitidae taxonomy – groups from which he described new genders, sub-genders, species and sub-species. Such results were based on the collection and study on the long term of a valuable collection of fishes from the inland waters of Romania – a collection that, on his own wish, is now part of the heritage of “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History, with the name “Petre Banarescu Collection”.

Specialistii romani si straini l-au recunoscut drept cea mai mare autoritate stiintifica in ciprinidele euroasiatice, in taxonomia cobitidelor – grupe din care a descries noi genuri, subgenuri, specii si subspecii. Asemenea rezultate au avut la baza colectarea si studierea indelungata a unei valoroase colectii de pesti din apele interioare ale Romaniei – colectie care astazi, prin dorinta sa, face parte din patrimoniul Muzeului National de Istorie Naturala “Grigore Antipa”, sub numele de “Colectia Petre Banarescu”.

He published more than 300 scientific works in some of the most prestigious specialty reviews in the world.
During his rich activity, Acad. Petre-Mihai Banarescu described, for the first time a gender, two sub-genders, a species and two new sub-species of fish from Romania; he described a new sub-family, 10 genders, 38 species and 26 sub-species of fish from China, Korea; Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Turkey etc.

For his valuable scientific contributions, Dr. docent Petre-Mihai Banarescu was elected in the year 1976 as foreign member of honour of the Society of American Ichtyologists and Herpetologists, and in 1988 a member of honour of the European Society of Ichtyologists.

Since 1991 he was accepted in the Romanian Academy as corresponding member, and starting with the year 2000 he became a full member of the highest cultural and scientific forum in the country.