Theodor Nalbant, Ph.D.

18 December 1933 – 12 November 2011

Deeply sad, the specialists from “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History are near to the grieved family of Dr. Theodor T. Nalbant – that deceased too soon, leaving a gap that may not be covered anymore in the biology sciences.

Theodor T. Nalbant was a great zoologist, a prestigious ichthyologue enjoying international recognition, a person that passionately loved nature.

All along 60 years, he carried out a vast activity of scientific research in the field of ichthyo fauna, investigating both fresh and marine waters from Romania, and also the planet’s seas and oceans, actively participating in numerous expeditions organized for the knowledge of the natural heritage.

His efforts in conjunction with those of his mentor, Acad. Petru Bănărescu, were materialized through the description of 82 taxons of new fishes for science (a sub-family, 23 genders and sub-genders and 58 species).

Also, he rendered valuable the most important results, as author and co-author, of more than 150 works in systematics, faunistics, ecology, ethology, zoogeography, palaeontology, nature protection, published in this country and abroad, as well as through the establishing of the Scientific Fish Collection “Bănărescu-Nalbant” that includes more than 20,000 exhibits, being considered the richest and most complete collection of Cobitidae in the world (found at “Grigore Antipa” Museum, donated in 1999).

Theodor T. Nalbant remained in the collective memory through his active participation in the scientific life, as author, moderator or commentator in may scientific events in this country and abroad.